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The Hunter:best online hunting game ever
YouTube Video

download it HERE

its a long download so start it early and wait it out, its a great game.
Edited by dirtyjob on October 27 2013 23:51
I will try anything once. so I am downloading this game now on my laptop. If I like it I will put it on big one.
some pointers:

YouTube Video

part 2:
YouTube Video

hey dark, try loggers point or whatever that starting point is called and travel to the exclamation point on the map, its a rope bridge, get on the middle of the bridge and lay down some calls, and wait, ive been making 500-600 foot shots from there, nailed 3 bucks and a doe at that spot so far.
Yup found the bridge a last week this time, then there's the power station at the very bottom exclamation point...that is Pheasant, Feral pig and a lil bit of Coyote turf. Been really enjoying the roaming and getting my kills in. Been travelling with the .357 and the unscoped 30/30, can drop anything on the whole reserve with that combo. Smile . I highly endorse the game and honestly the extra license packs are worth checking out.
well for those that used to play, I know dark is very active in this game, they have implemented co op hunting now, they are offering 20 percent off memberships last i heard, if you like realistic hunting games, this is the one for you, get it, hunt together with an online friend today.

Dark perhaps you can weigh in more details about this title....
Made a ton of improvements in there, multiplayer is great, you can have up til 8 people hunting with you.. They also added something to watch out for ,Bears and Wild Boar,Feral pigs can attack and F you up. Yes they sell med kits to heal in the Hunter store. Honestly , it is the most realistic hunting game/sim there is. Oh yeah, you also can see where the bullet hits with the blood spot mark. While still not dead total perfect, it's the best out there.
yep played some this weekend, nailed a bear/elk and some moose, great game without all that stress of other games. Nice way to relax.

New game animal added to The Hunter. In the Hirschfelden Reserve, Canada's second most annoying export, since Justin Beiber...The Canada Goose, you may only use shotguns,arrows, bolts and or the .357 magnum pistol to bring it down. Also there are new weapons to be had in the store. Check it out, if you enjoy hunting and don't wanna freeze/sweat your ass off, get The Hunter and buy a 'Hunting license/ reserve membership. You won't be disappointed.
Also new in The Hunter , Ducks and the classic K98 K Mauser in 8x57mm. The Mauser can be had for 600 em$ . Duck and Goose callers run for 175 em$. I might just spring for the Mauser....scientific reasons of course. You can purchase 1000 em$ for 9.69 US dollars.
The Mauser is fantastic, not the beast that the 300 mag is, but very good at dropping your prey. The only scope available for the Mauser is a 4x post type optic. If you played DoD:S you'll recognise the type. scope is 325.00 em$ so anyhoo, the combo is worth the 10 bucks. Oh yeah, how could I have not noticed a new reserve, the Rougarou Bayou, home to Mallard ducks, black bear, white tail deer and feral hogs. More reasons to hunt.
i have it loaded and bought the 98
I think the game would be cooler if the deer shot back!
Hmmmph, the deer and elk, and bird species for that matter are the pacifists....F them. The Bear and Boar and Hogs however, will F you up...I speak from experience. I've been attacked 4 times by hogs and once by bear IN JUST THE PAST WEEK. Also when they charge to attack, you are screwed, you have no as in zero chance of pulling off a shot unless there is more then 10 yards distance between you. Also they are smart enough to attack WHEN THEY HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF COVER. So it isn't just a "go be-bopping in the woods killing things " game. You have to work at it and earn your kills. Tracking, stalking and using cover of your own helps, cause if they spot you or smell you, they bolt and you get no shot. Sure there are times you can be boppin' along and a dumb critter will damn near walk up to you.....just like real life. All in all , when I say this game is as close to real hunting as it gets, I mean it, speaking as a hunter myself....Of course in reality, I've thus far managed to out run the real bears I've encountered.
New reserve has just opened in The Hunter, Val Des Bois and a new game animal the Alpine Ibex, it along with brown bear, red and roe deer and the red fox populate the huge new reserve.... Plus new features like climbing , you need rope and pitons to climb certain points in the new reserve , and the other feature, fall damage, no longer can you just slide down a cliff like nothing and just keep be bopping along....Now you fall and get hurt.....more realism...I can dig it.Cool

Now if only they'd give me an Enfield rifle...I like the Mauser, but damn it I love the real SMLE I own...I need one in The Hunter.
tHE hUNTER PRIMAL has been released looks awesome, cant wait to get in there and try and survive.

YouTube Video

I've been a slacker...also need to get my machine serviced...But Anyway. The Hunter has a new reserve, new weapon and 2 new animals. The Reserve is Bushranger's Run modeled on the Australian outback. New species are the Red Kangaroo(exclusive to Bushranger's Run) and the European rabbit ,which makes its home in Bushranger's Run and Val-De-Bois. The new weapon is the one I've been wishing for the .303 British Rifle modeled after the SMLE No.1 Mk.3 of which I own in Reality. Great gun very steady not the beast the Mauser K98k is, but still extremely effective. The sound of it firing is so damn good I'd swear I was shooting my own gun. They did real damn good...well except for limiting the mag capacity to 5 instead of the 10 it normally carries.
Check them out get out there and get hunting... Feel free to look for Darkrider and add me , If you play.
The Hunter has just added a new reserve Whiterime Ridge, it is an Arctic environment with 4 new species to hunt. The new species are the Bison, Sitka Deer, Arctic Fox and Snowshoe Rabbit. They also added a new weapon the 45-70 lever action rifle, modeled after the Marlin 1895 SBL. The sound of it firing is fantastic, it's a short barreled gun not intended for long range shooting. It drops them reliably with one shot at out to 130 yards, at least that's my longest shot with it at a moose, near instant kill. In the new reserve you NEED to have Arctic camo, otherwise you will 'freeze' in short order and have to return to a lodge. If you don't equip yourself properly you will shiver violently , cough, sniff and it makes it damn near impossible to hold your sights steady. I can't say it enough The Hunter is VERY REALISTIC. Fox and Rabbit here are very hard to spot and even the Sitka deer after they are dropped can be hard to find, blowing snowdrifts make it a challenge.

Yep I renewed my 'membership' 12 months at 34.95 USD. That gives you all the basic ammo you can shoot and the 'license' to hunt every species throughout the now 10 different reserves. Seems reasonable to me, especially as they are always adding new content .
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