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Mechwarrior Online
I've been playing this one for a bit now. Don't know if any of you are familiar with the whole Mechwarrior franchise, but Mechwarrior is a multiplayer First Person shooter with a third person option through the use of UAV drones. You pilot battlemechs , or walking tanks as it were in 12 0n 12 combat.

There are 4 classes of 'mechs Light, which run from 20-40 tons. They are fast lightly armored and generally carry smaller weapon payloads. Mostly used in scouting and recon roles. That doesn't mean they aren't deadly in a fight though, the speed allows a decent pilot to get behind heavier 'mechs and shred the lighter armor in the back.

Medium mechs run between 45-60 tons, have decent armor speed and a heavier weapons package, sort of the jack of all trades approach. They, depending on the chassis and design can go from a scouting/support role all the way to hit and run mayhem attacks.

Heavy mechs go at 65-85 tons , they are the workhorses in general combat . Heavier armor , respectable speed and more variability and capacity in weapons packs. They can work in support all the way up to up close and personal slugging.

Finally we get to the Assault class, they range from 80-100 tons, some are surprisingly quick , but on the whole are fairly slow with lots of armor and more weapons for kicking ass, they are the beasts of the battlefield....Also for the moment the one class where I haven't much experience in.

Anyhow the game is free to play, similar in economic model to War Thunder. You can use real money to buy mech credits, which you use to purchase Premium time, C-bills(the games main currency) and certain Battlemech platforms. Also you can purchase certain mechs and mechbays to house them in your account. You are initially allowed the use of 'trial mechs to use in battles, which gains you experience and C-bills in combat. You start out as an independent mercenary, not working for any of the many factions in the game. You get to test things out in the start through the 'Academy' pretty much the intro to learning how to pilot the mechs , which also earns you some in game cash and experience. You then go to the Mechbay to start to get into the fight. in Quick play you can join 11 other players in short 15 minute matches on a voted on choice of 8 different maps ( 4 are offered at each vote) and 3 different styles of battle (2 choices per vote) Skirmish (12 on 12 team deathmatch) Conquest (12 on 12 capture the points to harvest 'resources, or kill all the enemy mechs, whichever comes first) and Assault (12 on 12, capture the enemy base or wipe them out.) In quick play , once you lose your mech, that's it for the match for you , no respawn, also until that match ends you can't join another quick play match in the mech you were using, but you can select another, different mech and join another game. Then there are the Faction battles. For those you must sign a contract , joining a faction for a set period of time, 7-28 days, breaking the contract is a no-no as the consequences can bite you in the ass.You can earn decent money and experience in a large variety of mechs this way. In faction play you get a dropship and you choose 4 different mechs to use in the Attack/Defend battles, so far they are still 12 on 12 but it's been hinted at expanding. You work with your team to beat the opposing squad and win the day, if your mech gets destroyed you click on return to dropship, choose another in your queue and get dropped behind your front to rejoin combat. Matches have a time limit of 30 minutes or until the objective is either won/lost or the enemy is wiped out.

Factions.... There are 2 main groups of Factions, Inner Sphere, which is Earth and the 6 Great Houses ...The 'mechs of the Inner Sphere tend to have slightly shorter ranges for the equivalent weapons classes, slightly lower damage rates, but run cooler...Heat is your enemy, next to your opponents, that is. Then there are the Clans, which were the bulk of the old Star League Military, they went off on their own into deep space, excelling in warfare and weapons tech. Their mechs are generally faster in each class, weapons do slightly more damage and have greater range, they also run hotter in combat. (Currently I have a 14 day contract with Clan Ghost Bear.)

The game runs on the Cryo Engine and you can learn more at mwomercs.com. Check it out, and if you already play add me... Darkrider X, hell maybe we can set up a Unit there
The game has definitely improved with age. They reworked the tutorial section. I highly advise you complete it, as it will give you a large amount of starting funds. So do the race several times to get bronze, silver, gold rewards if possible. I'm Rahjahk there as well.
im gonna have to check this out
Well , I'm testing out the Inner Sphere, I joined the Free Rasalhague Republic, for a 28 day contract. Within short order got invited to join one of the many Units, the !st Hussar Remnants which as of now has 113 members. I accepted, for now anyway. least until /unless we can get more FPS guys together. Some things I've noticed so far, the bigger, better units tend to have mature gamers in them , average 1stH'er are in their 30's so none of the kiddie bullshit. I really dig this game, love to see more of you guys check it out. Anyhoo Rahjahk , friend request sent, hope to catch you out here sometime.
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