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We are a non-profit organization completely supported by you, the members. Many organizations have web sites, servers and Internet bandwidth donated by it's members. We pride ourselves on being run and owned as a community, and not by a few power-hungry members. This means that we need you to be a part of that community. We encourage every member to contribute to the community in any way that they can. Since we do not have our servers or bandwidth donated, we have pay our bills every month to keep things going. For those of you who can, we ask that you make a monetary contribution in whatever denomination you'd like. Every little bit counts.

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Krazyone Development 2011 - www.krazyone.com


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· November 20 2017 22:05
can't kill swift off Grin

· November 20 2017 15:04
Where is everyone?? we seem to have died off.

· August 29 2017 21:35

· August 28 2017 02:14
sniper server online if anyone is interested search FairPlaySoldiers in the server list or the ip is
5 24/7 SNIPERS HEAVEN-FairPlaySol
diers.com enjoy

· July 17 2017 02:16
work work and more work, hope yours was good

· July 05 2017 03:15
I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. Thanks to all the veterans out there!!

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